Maintain a strong mind and body

Zuberi is a contemporary Pilates & Nutrition Studio based in Nairobi, Kenya offering small and intimate group classes. We focus on empowering our clients with knowledge and awareness of how the mind and body are connected in order to improve their strength.

Reconnect with your authentic self and thrive

Hi, I'm Wangari, founder of Zuberi Pilates & Nutrition Studio. I help men and women address physical and mental fatigue through tailored nutrition and pilates training, empowering them to gain energy, clarity, and confidence.

How I can support you

From pilates instructor guidance, pregnancy and postnatal pilates, to a comprehensive nutrition overview, I offer the essential knowledge and support to sustain your journey.

Pilates training

My workouts combine cardio, pilates, strength, and barre with a great playlist to get you moving and sweating.

360 Nutrition

My 360 nutritional therapy delves into the root causes of your symptoms and guides you towards improved health.

Wellness Packages

Discover wellness packages tailored to meet all your well-being requirements, combining Pilates and Nutrition services.

Ready to feel better?

Easily book a session for yourself, your partner or your team!